Inflatable Boat Repairs

Mr. Sticky® Inflatable Boat Repairs

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If you are seeking an adhesive that can bond most substrates found on inflatable boats (such as PVC, Hypalon,Polyurethane, Wood, Metal), that can be applied to Wet or Dry surfaces, can gap fill, remains flexible and has working time, select Mr. Sticky's® Underwater Glue!

Regarding the inflatable boat repairs, there are some considerations to make the best patches:

a. For all fabrics, roughen the patch and base fabric with sandpaper. Be sure that all air pressure is eliminated. After applying the adhesive, hold the patch in place securely over the hole, being sure to leave adhesive between the patch and fabric; excessive pressure can squeeze all of the adhesive out of the joint. This is very different from Solvent patching which likes tight-pressing. Remember that you can use the glue to bond wood, metal or plastic to the inflatable fabric (solvent cement cannot). Be sure that any contaminants such as silicone, or mold releases are not present.

b. For Hypalon fabric, always use MEK as a cleaner in advance of applying the adhesive. Clean with the MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone) then after 1-2 minutes apply the ahdesive. For maximum strength allow to cure for 24 hours (@20°C). For each 10°C lower temperature, double the cure time, so at 10°C give 48 hours, for 0°C 96 hours. For each increase in 10°C the cure time is in half.

c. For PVC or Polyurethane fabric, clean with Acetone or MEK.

Always test a small sample in advance of the repair to be sure that the solvents do not damage the fabric and that the adhesive will bond well to your fabric.