Bonding Nonskid Strips to Pool Steps

Bonding Non-Skip Tape to Pool Steps Underwater

Many pools have acrylic steps that can be very slippery. Often, this is discovered after the pool is filled and owners want to fix the problem without the time and expense of draining the pool.

  1. Purchase non-skid strips.
  2. Most non-skid strips have adhesive backs, but these backs usually will not stick underwater. Test bond a small amount of Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue to one of the strips on the adhesive side with the adhesive on. Our glue will bond to the glue on many strips, eliminating the necessity to remove the glue. If it bonds well after your test, then go to step 4.
  3. Remove the Adhesive on the strip, generally by using a solvent such as Acetone or MEK.
  4. Apply Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue to the strip.
  5. Place the strip on the step (underwater), then put a piece of waxed paper over it. Now push down on the strip (push on the waxed paper to put pressure on the strip without having excess glue that emerges from the tape getting on your fingers!) until it is well seated, with some glue evident all around the edges of the strip. It is important to have a little glue squeeze out so you can be sure that the edges are bonded and will not peel up. Be sure that you have not squeezed all of the glue out of the joint or the strip will not stick!
  6. When the glue is no longer liquid, (in about 1-2 hours in 85˚F water) remove the waxed paper, and use a knife to gently remove the excess glue from the edges of the tape. If you wait until the glue is fully cured, it will be difficult to remove, so cut and remove it shortly after it begins to harden.